UK Skills Partnership Chair Jane Rexworthy and DBT' Skills Specialist launch the UK International Education and Skills offer Brochure at Education World Forum on Monday 20th May 2024.

International Education Offer Brochure

After months of collaboration with members of the Education Sector Advisory Group, a new brochure has been launched to the world.

Strengthening Education and Skills Systems: The UK’s Offer to Global Partners is designed to provide a summary of the UK’s education and skills offer international partners.

The UK’s new international education and skills offer brochure showcases the nation’s commitment to fostering global educational partnerships and skill development. The brochure highlights the UK’s world-renowned educational institutions, emphasising their innovative approaches to teaching and learning. It details the extensive range of programmes available, from early childhood education to advanced research degrees, and illustrates how these are designed to meet the diverse needs of international students. Furthermore, the brochure underscores the UK’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity, providing a welcoming environment for learners from all backgrounds to thrive.

In addition to academic programmes, the brochure outlines various skill development initiatives aimed at enhancing employability and professional growth. These initiatives include vocational training, apprenticeships, and professional certification programmes that cater to a wide array of industries. The UK’s strategic focus on blending academic excellence with practical skills ensures that students are well-prepared for the global job market.

The brochure also highlights collaboration opportunities between UK institutions and international partners, promoting knowledge exchange and joint research endeavours. Overall, the UK’s new international education and skills offer brochure positions the nation as a leading destination for comprehensive, high-quality education and skill development.

The UK’s Education and Skills Offer brochure covers all education sectors including:

  • Higher Education [HE]
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training [TVET] / Skills
  • English Language Training [ELT]
  • Professional and Chartered Bodies
  • Education technology [EdTech]
  • Special Education Needs and Disabilities [SEND]
  • Independent Schools

Containing a range of recent case studies that demonstrate the full range of the UK’s international offer, this brochure is designed to provide a summary that enables international partners to understand how best the UK high quality education expertise can be deployed in all industrial sectors and education settings, in all countries.

Click the image to download the brochure:

UK Education and Skills International Offer - front page

Education and skills play a pivotal role in shaping the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the UK. In a rapidly evolving global landscape, nations worldwide also recognise the importance of education in driving their progress and development. With the power to combat discrimination and social inequality, education helps to foster innovation, boost productivity, and promote economic growth and social stability.

Across different nations and cultures, there is a common interest in promoting and investing in education and skills development to address the ever-evolving job market, technological advancements, and global competition.

In the UK, we recognise the need for high quality, sustainable education and skills systems that foster competent, productive and inclusive workforces.

With a world-class education and skills offering, a global reputation and a strong physical presence in international markets, the UK’s rich heritage offers strong appeal to other nations looking to enhance their own human capital.

Education plays a crucial role in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to end poverty, promote economic growth, and protect the environment by 2030. As a strong advocate for international development, the UK has leveraged its expertise and resources to support other countries in meeting these goals through education. The UK has collaborated with international partners to strengthen education systems, provide quality education for all, and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

I am very grateful to all of the ESAG members for the opportunity lead on the production of this important document and for all the valued contributions that members provided. I am also grateful to all of the officials within UK Government for their support throughout. Special thanks to my team at People1st International who provided the design capability. Finally, I am grateful to our friends and international partners around the globe whose insight helped shape this offer. 

 Jane Rexworthy, Chair of the UK Skills Partnership