About us: We’re a united group of UK
Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) skills
providers and suppliers who cover the globe.

The UK Skills Partnership (UKSP) is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

Expanding Global TVET Market Presence

Extend the reach of the UK brilliance in Technical and Vocational Skills and Training (TVET) globally.

Driving Economic Value Through Export Growth

Generating economic benefit by fostering growth of exports in the skills sector.

Maintaining the UK as a Global Leader in TVET Skills:

Showcasing the UK on the global stage by positioning it as a leading provider of world-class TVET services.

Fostering Sustainable Growth in TVET Capability

Facilitating sustainable growth in both capability and capacity of TVET, fostering expertise both domestically and internationally.

Creating Opportunities for Skills Internationalisation.

Cultivating opportunities for internationalisation of TVET Skills a global scale, increasing participation and diversification.

Building on Success and Sharing Best Practices.

Create sustainable legacy from successful initiatives and promoting the exchange of best practices and sharing of skills expertise.

About UKSP:

World Class Skills

In the dynamic landscape of swiftly evolving economies, the global demand for technical and vocational education and training has surged dramatically.

This heightened interest is fuelled by an insistent call from governments, industries, and individuals for nothing short of  world-class skills. UKSP deliver skills finely tuned to industry requirements, providing a structured foundation for elevating performance and ensuring international competitiveness at the highest level of excellence.

The UK’s approach

The UK stands proudly as a global beacon of excellence with its time-honoured and top-tier Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and apprenticeship model. Recognised as a trailblazer in sectoral skills development, the UK has consistently demonstrated a commitment to maintaining exceptional standards.

The ongoing evolution of the UK’s TVET system not only showcases unparalleled expertise, but through the UKSp, exports this invaluable capability overseas. This dynamic progression reinforces the UK’s leadership in skills development and presents an exciting opportunity to created mutually beneficial global partnerships.

UKSP TVET Skills Offer

The UK Skills Partnership (UKSP) exemplifies a dynamic synergy among its partners, uniting forces for international business development and seamless project delivery. Our collective strength lies in presenting a comprehensive, meticulously coordinated technical and vocational skills offering, intricately tailored and contextualized to precisely meet the diverse needs of our international clientele.

Understanding the distinct economic landscapes of each country, the UKSP goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Our support package and unparalleled expertise are adept at localising delivery, ensuring a tailored, responsive solution that resonates with the unique characteristics of each region. Through this approach, we champion a global perspective, fostering a harmonious balance between local relevance and international best practices.

Opportunities for Success

The robustness of the UK’s TVET export proposition is not merely a source of strength; it serves as a catalyst for cultivating enduring, sustainable opportunities within the UK skills sector. Aligned with the shared vision of the UK Government, we are dedicated to establishing the UK as the premier global partner in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Regardless of whether it’s fully commercially funded or supported by donors, members of the UK Skills Partnership (UKSP) boast the capability to deploy extensive expertise and capacity, scaling up efforts to realize ambitious skills objectives. This commitment reflects our unwavering dedication to propelling the UK to the forefront of international TVET collaborations.

Developing, communicating and implementing a UK-wide strategic approach to skills development
Challenging perspectives to build skills recognition
Horizon-scanning opportunities that enable far-reaching engagement
Showcasing examples of UK skills brilliance in high impact skills delivery
Developing initiatives that support wider UK growth in priority sectors
Maximising skills intelligence and sharing world-class best practice
Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships
Curriculum Development (including supporting materials)
Occupational/Professional Standards Development
Capacity development (Assessor training, train the trainer etc.)
Labour/Workforce Research
Quality Assurance and Verification
Continuous Professional Development
Skills / TVET Policy Development
Recognition and Certification
Sector focused

World-class skills solutions
that are tailored to industry


Delivering the right skills in
a coherent way creating

Bespoke and Contextualised

Creating sustainable and
workable Technical and
Vocational Education models
meeting regional and
country requirements


Policy aligned strategic
approach that delivers
systemic change

Flexible and responsive

Responsive methodology
to flex in a changing
global market

Be high impact and far reaching.

UKSP is a driver of the International Education Strategy which is the cross-government approach to supporting the global activities of our education sector.

Members with well established global expertise

Did you know that UKSP is able to offer skills solutions in a range of industrial sectors?

Don’t see your sector, sub-sector or industry listed, contact us as our skills experts are sure to have it covered!

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

Multilateral & Bilateral Development, Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Diversity, Charities and the Third Sector.

Transport & Logistics

Aerospace, Maritime, Transport, Ports, Seafaring, Inland Waterways, Logistics and Distribution.

Green Skills & Net Zero

Green Transport, Sustainable Construction, Renewable Energy, Net-Zero, Green Finance, Low Carbon, Pollution.

Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Capital Projects, Smart and Future Cities, Green Construction and Sustainable Infrastructure.

ICT & Communications

ICT, AI, Advanced Technologies, DeepTech, Robotics, Fintech, E-Commerce, Blockchain, Coding, Cyber, Data, Communications and Key Enabling Technologies.

Business, Financial & Public Services

Professional, Banking, Legal, Business, Financial services, Chartered, Government, Public Services and Administration.

Sport, Beauty, Health & Social Care

Health, Social Care, Fitness, Sports, Hair, Beauty, Cosmetics and Wellness.

Chemicals & Bioscience

Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Biosciences Polymers, Petrochemicals, Agrochemical & Life Sciences.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Advanced Engineering, Technical Innovation, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Minerals and Production.

Creative & Cultural

Creative, Media, Film, Animation, Fashion, Radio, Museums, Art, Cultural Heritage, Design, Performance, Music and Print.

Agriculture & Forestry

Food Sustainability, Agri-tech, Aquaculture, Forestry, Farming, Animal Health, Horticulture and Agriculture.

Education & Language

Teacher Training, Equipment and Tech Supplies, Skills, Education, Institutional Leadership and Governance, Language.

Visitor Economy & Hospitality

Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Events, Entertainment, Visitor Transport, Attractions, Recreation, Leisure and Accommodation.

High impact and world class skills solutions:

Whatever your skills needs, talk to UK Skills Partnership.

Whatever your skills needs, contact the UKSP