About us: We’re a united group of UK
Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET)
providers and suppliers.

The UKSP is working to:

Extend the reach of
the UK’s overseas
TVET market presence

Create economic
value for UK through
export growth

Position the UK as a
global leader in world
class TVET provision

Enable sustainable
growth in TVET capability
and capacity both at
home and overseas

Build opportunities for
internationalisation in
global education

Build on success and
enabling the sharing
of best practice

About UKSP:

World Class Skills

Fast evolving economics, pandemics and changing demographics have created a strong demand for technical and vocational education and training across the globe.

This growth is driven by strong demand from Governments, industry and individuals for “world class skills” that are industry focused and which provide a framework for improving performance and competitiveness internationally.

The UK’s approach

The UK is renowned for having a long established, high quality TVET and apprenticeship model and is seen as a front runner in its approach to sectoral skills development.

The continued evolution of the UK TVET system provides unparalleled expertise and an opportunity to export this capability overseas.

UKSP TVET Skills Offer

The UK Skills Partnership (UKSP) partners collaborate on international business development and project delivery by presenting a comprehensive and coordinated technical and vocational skills offer that is tailored and contextualised to meet the needs of international clients.

Recognising that every country has different unique economy, the UKSP support package and expertise ensures that delivery is localised, whilst benefiting from a global approach.

Long Term Opportunities

The strength of the UK TVET export proposition is generating long-term, sustainable opportunities for the UK skills sector, supporting the aim shared by the UK Government to position the UK as the TVET partner of choice globally.

Whether fully commercially funded or with donor funded support, the UKSP members are able to deploy capability and capacity at scale in order to achieve skills ambitions.

Developing, communicating and implementing a UK-wide strategy
Challenging perspectives needed to enable UK recognition
Horizon-scanning for opportunities to enable wide-ranging engagement
Releasing case studies demonstrating the impact of skills
Proposing initiatives, where relevant to support wider UK growth
Drawing on skills intelligence and sharing best practice
Considering responses to cross-cutting issues and challenges
Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships
Curriculum Development (including supporting materials)
Occupational/Professional Standards Development
Capacity development (Assessor training, train the trainer etc.)
Labour/Workforce Research
Quality Assurance and Verification
Continuous Professional Development
Skills / TVET Policy Development
Recognition and Certification
Sector focused

World-class skills solutions
that are tailored to industry


Delivering the right skills in
a coherent way creating

Bespoke and Contextualised

Creating sustainable and
workable Technical and
Vocational Education models
meeting regional and
country requirements


Policy aligned strategic
approach that delivers
systemic change

Flexible and responsive

Responsive methodology
to flex in a changing
global market

Be part of something new
and far reaching.

‘Education is Great’ forms part of the UK Government’s broader GREAT Britain campaign, which aims to promote the UK internationally as a place to visit, study and do business.

Members with well established global expertise

Collectively, UKSP is able to offer skills solutions in
a range of sectors.

Aerospace and Defence


Banking, Capital Markets and Financial services

Business and commerce Services

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Charities and the third sector

Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Education and training

Engineering and Construction

Forest, Paper and Packaging

Government and Public Services

Health and social care

Skills solutions delivered to create impact:

Whatever your skills needs, contact the UKSP