Colleges Scotland

Education – further (technical/vocational) education, sixth forms, tertiary and specialist colleges

As well as providing professional, technical, and vocational qualifications, colleges in Scotland also assist those requiring a more supportive learning environment, including those who want to study part-time to fit around home life and people who are benefitting from work-based learning.

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26 colleges operate in 13 regions across Scotland.

Its primary role is to support colleges and regional strategic bodies in achieving their aims and objectives, and to cultivate the strength of the college sector in Scotland.

This is achieved through policy development, advocating and campaigning on behalf of the college sector, co-ordinating sector-wide engagement on major issues, and maintaining strong and proactive relationships with government, sector agencies, and industry bodies.

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Colleges Scotland

Colleges Scotland is the collective voice for the college sector in Scotland, representing its interests and ensuring that colleges are at the heart of a word class education sector that is recognised, valued and available to all.

Colleges Scotland, as the membership body, represents all 26 colleges in Scotland, which deliver both further education and around 24% of the provision of all higher education in Scotland.

Colleges in Scotland provide learning routes from school to work or university, further training or continuous skills-development – often in conjunction with employers – or retraining for new opportunities emerging from innovative technologies. The college sector has an integral role in developing people and the positive outcomes for the wider economy.

Edinburgh College

Turkey: Edinburgh College Teacher Training

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Hangzhou, China: City of Glasgow College create supply chain value

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