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Triple Bar Nuclear Security (TBNS) e-Learning Training and Assessment

Triple Bar Security: National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)

Triple Bar Nuclear Security: The National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) developed an e-learning solution for the International Atomic Energy Agency, to provide awareness and understanding of Nuclear Security across a broad global audience.

Requested by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to provide a consistent way of delivering a basic level of awareness and understanding of Nuclear Security across a broad global audience.

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IAEA was facing a challenge to ensure that all member states have a consistent understanding on the fundamental basic principles and requirements for nuclear security.

Requested by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to provide a consistent way of delivering a basic level of awareness and understanding of Nuclear Security across a broad global audience.

The ‘Triple Bar’ concept developed by the UK Nuclear Sector in conjunction with NSAN, (covering Compliance, Context and Behaviours) was shared with the IAEA and the idea was formalised to develop a similar ‘Triple Bar’ approach for Nuclear Security, to increase awareness and knowledge about the fundamentals of Nuclear Security around core concepts.

It was agreed that an e-Learning Triple Bar for Nuclear Security (TBNS) could provide a viable solution. IAEA therefore requested NSAN to take forward the development of the TBNS.

NSAN project managed the development of an e-Leaning programme in conjunction with subject matter experts from IAEA and a UK based e-learning development organisation. The completed TBNS e-learning comprises of 3 training modules with on-line assessment, which can be completed within 1 day.

Students who achieve a pass score of 80% of higher are rewarded with a certificate of achievement. The IAEA is using the TBNS as a method of ensuring that nominated member state students have attained this basic level of awareness and understanding prior to undertaking further classroom delivered nuclear security training with the IAEA.

The impacts include:

  • Provide an industry wide e-learning programme to transfer fundamental Nuclear Security knowledge to a broad, global audience.
  • A key benefit is the course will support both professionals working in a Nuclear Security role and participants preparing to undertake IAEA instructor led classroom-based training activity.
  • The course can also be used as a learning aid and reference to support students enrolled in educational programmes on nuclear security.
  • Consistent starting point for awareness the security aspects essential for the nuclear industry.
  • NSAN’s e-learning Network provides ready access, for students to gain appropriate skills and understanding.(

Enable Employers to undertake and consider the rollout requirements for their specific organisations for upskilling with regards to Nuclear Security.

Since the development of this product, NSAN have developed an in-house capability to develop e-Learning packages and have worked on a number of further projects.  Examples include:

  • Suite of three e-Learning programmes for the UK Nuclear Regulator (Office of Nuclear Regulation) around Safeguards
  • Development of an e-Learning programme aligned to a Level 2 National Qualification – Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness.

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