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Thailand NSAN Project for the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP)

Triple Bar Security: National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)

Thailand: National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)’s partner,  World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), is conducting a multi-stranded project in Thailand to support the development of a sustainable national nuclear security training framework in collaboration with the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), the Thai nuclear regulatory authority.

NSAN was contracted to deliver the following activities in 2020-21:

  • Design and undertake a radioactive sources security training needs analysis for Thailand.

Design and support the implementation of a competency framework for the identified positions requiring radioactive security training in Thailand.

World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)
South East Asia, Global
Policy / Strategy Development

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WINS engaged NSAN to develop the training needs analysis and competency framework methodologies, which are a fundamental aspect of their wider nuclear security project in Thailand, since they will greatly support Thai stakeholders in the development and implementation of their own training needs analysis and competency framework.

Following the implementation support phase in the first quarter 2021, WINS & NSAN’s intention is to provide the OAP with the tools and guidance for them to be able to undertake the training needs analysis and develop a competency framework by themselves in the future. In this regard, WINS and NSAN are helping to facilitate Thailand’s efforts to strengthen their nuclear security training and assessment resource.

NSAN is creating and supporting the implementation of a bespoke Training Needs Analysis and Competency Framework methodology and associated tools in Thailand, based on the long-established competence framework and assessment management processes and systems used in the UK nuclear industry.

In the long-term this project will create a sustainable training needs analysis and competence assessment method for use across the Thai nuclear sector.

In terms of value back to the UK, in the short-term there are extensions to this project already being planned that will require more involvement from NSAN and UK training providers on a commercial basis. Later, there may be an opportunity for NSAN to introduce the UK’s unique competence management system, NS4P, into this territory – Skills Assured.

Skills Assured is an online, secure competence management system, designed with industry involvement, to enable organisations to assess, verify, record and showcase the competence, training and qualifications of their employees.

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