Case Study

Developing a Youth Inclusion Programme for the Tyre Manufacturing Industry in Turkey with EBRD

People1st International

The tyre manufacturing sector in Turkey needs to recruit and train young people to create a stable, sustainable workforce for the future. Brisa is a key employer in this sector and needs practical ways of attracting and developing youth, and helping improve the transition from training into employment.

Skills Solution

Brisa had skills development programmes targeted at management and engineers but limited progression opportunities for blue-collar workers. A skills mismatch at entry-level was restricting operations, with particular concerns about Brisa’s new regional factory,

and solutions were needed to ensure a smooth transition from training to employment. The tyre manufacturing sector is in competition with many other employers and struggling to attract young people.

Our role was to: analyse workforce information on the tyre manufacturing sector; identify key priorities to ensure skills are relevant for the sector; develop and implement an entry-level programme offering progression.

This needed to be delivered within the national policy context. People 1st assembled and managed a project team that included skills specialists, researchers, local experts and international engineering experts, SEMTA.

International experience and alignment with best practice was critical and the solutions developed offered alignment with national and international training.

The project has created an essential partnership between employers and government, and established processes for employers to engage with national policy.

This provides a foundation for a vocational education system which reflects Armenia’s economic growth and stability needs. It also creates the framework for a professional and internationally bench-marked approach. Sector Skills Development Centres have now been established for tourism and wine production.

“This EBRD loan is not only helping a tyre manufacturer expand its business and capture market growth. It is also enabling a leading global player and a local business giant to create jobs and opportunities in one of the developing regions of the country. The new plant will have a pivotal role for the city of Aksaray and the entire region. We are confident it will boost the wider local economy”

Jean-Patrick Marquet
EBRD Director for Turkey

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