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Construction management skills in the Philippines

People1st International


UK Skills Federation member, People1st International, were appointed by the Philippine Constructors Association Inc. to develop and quality assure a fit for purpose management training programme that will transform the skills of supervisory level construction workers in the Philippines’ booming construction industry.

Asia Pacific – Philippines
Staff Capacity Building, Occupational Skills Standards, Curriculum Development, Train the Trainer, Recognition, Quality Assurance

With construction companies in the Philippines recently being urged to prepare a sufficient talent pipeline to support the government’s massive “Build! Build! Build!” program of 75 flagship projects including the build of 6 airports, 9 railways, 3 bus rapid transits, 32 roads and bridges, and 4 seaports, in June 2018 the Philippine Constructors Association Inc. (PCA) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) entered into an agreement to develop the skills of supervisory staff in the construction sector to help meet the future management skill needs.

The Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) engaged leading UK skills & quality assurance expert, People 1st International, to develop an industry-specific, quality assured training programme that meets global professional standards and is recognised by a UK awarding organisation.

The programme aimed to create a pool of 2000 qualified, globally competitive and job ready construction supervisors and assistant construction supervisors needed by the construction industry.

The driving force behind this entire endeavor is the need for transformation. Why? Amidst the fast-paced technological evolution, the world economy slows down punctuated by an aging population. The Philippines counterpoints this environment with its economic growth momentum fuelled by a large, and still growing, young population. This is spelled out in the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030, which is a joint effort of PCA and the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry – Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (DTI-CIAP).

Mapping of the competency standards: People1st began by mapping the ILM sector award and sector certificate to job descriptions for the relevant roles and identified and filled any gaps. Based on this, and the professional standards and curriculum outline developed with a technical group made up of representatives from TESDA and PCA, together with its member firms, we produced a learning framework with a clear progression pathway that includes; unit size, number of units, delivery methodologies and levels for the Site and Trade Supervisor programmes. Once this was approved, our technical authoring team adapted and developed content suitable for PCA’s needs.

Awarding body application: People1st  facilitated dialogue with the UK awarding organisation, ILM, to start the approval process for ‘assured programme status’ and finalised programme titles for the three programmes ( Trade Supervisor, Site Supervisor and Train the Trainer) which involved People1st supporting PCA through all stages of the recognised provider application process, ensuring all documentation was completed.

Quality Assurance: People1st advised on the required quality assurance systems and processes, plus supported PCA with developing a robust delivery and quality assurance system, whilst also supporting them to implement a clear organisation structure in terms of who will be involved in the management and delivery of the programmes, as well as detailed information on how the programmes will be delivered, and how assessment and quality assurance will take place. To achieve this, People1st helped develop policies and processes around internal quality assurance, learner appeals, registration, malpractice and health and safety.

Development of key performance indicators: To enable PCA to measure the success of the programmes People1st helped develop key performance indicators in order to demonstrate expected improvements in reduction in labour turnover, improved productivity, improved costs, improved job satisfaction and employee morale, improved employee loyalty and self esteem and increased capacity to deal with change.

Curriculum development: Using the agreed learning framework curriculum outline and confirmed units, People1st’s team of experts developed curriculum content and training materials for a tailored programme. Materials were developed that suit minimal classroom delivery and maximum industry immersion. This included sample lesson plans, learner workbooks, self-study materials and tutor resources.

Train the trainer programme: To prepare PCA trainers to deliver and support the programme, People1st developed and delivered a master training programme. Our international trainer supported the trainers through a process of mentoring and observation of the delivery of programmes in order to develop their knowledge, competence and confidence over a period of time.

As a result of the project, the following outcomes have been achieved up until 31 July 2019:

  • 62 individuals have successfully completed the train the trainer programme
  • 33 individuals have been trained as master trainers
  • 83 individuals have completed the Construction Supervisors training programme;
  • 37 on the Trade Supervisors programme
  • 46 on the Site Supervisors programme
  • An additional 192 individuals are registered to complete the Construction Supervisors training programme this year
  • 98 on the Trade Supervisors programme
  • 94 on the Site Supervisors programme
  • Evaluations show that all individuals that have completed the Construction Supervisors training programme have improved their knowledge in 100% of areas
  • All trainers that have completed the Train the Trainer scored as ‘highly competent’ through quality assurance lesson observations and through learner feedback.

” The Philippine Constructors Association adheres and has ingrained in all its national trainers that training is all about transformation and along the way lives and mindsets of those involved in these programmes have been transformed.”

Earl Christopher M. Segales,
PCA Foundation Project Manager,
Philippine Constructors Association Inc.

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