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CAVC Private – Public Partnership in China

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In 2016 Shanghai YiJin Education Consulting signed a memorandum of understanding with Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) to develop a partnership model based on preparing students from China for study in UK Higher Education.

In 2017 the CAVC Shanghai School was opened based on a 2+1 A Level pathway model.  Two further Schools, CAVC Changzhou and CAVC Pinghu opened for business in 2019 and 2020 respectively.  In addition to the pathway model, CAVC committed to delivering a comprehensive teacher training programme to YiJin teachers and a structured Quality Assurance service.

Five years into the partnership and CAVC have recognised that some learners would be better suited to a non-A Level and more vocationally orientated route.  Therefore in conjunction with the Welsh awarding body, Agored, CAVC have developed a Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management for International students.  This year 11 students are pursuing this route online due to the pandemic.  CAVC have plans to extend the Diploma options to Accounting and Finance, IT and Cyber Security and Engineering for a September 2021 start. Thereafter our vision is to bring Technical and Vocational Education and Training ( TVET) programmes on stream in the new and fast emerging occupational skills areas such as green technologies, AI and big data.

The decision to offer a TVET alternative to A Level is also in line with the skills ‘Zeitgeist’ which is emerging globally.  In China there has been a significant strengthening of focus on TVET underpinned by the 2019 Government work report announcing a transfer of 100 billion RMB funding into vocational training to support 15 million people to upgrade their skills and significant capacity building via an expanded higher vocational College network and incentivisation.

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Cardiff and Vale College, part of the Colleges Wales International network, provides world-class catering and hospitality skills and training provision to students of all ages.

CAVC have a range of performance and skills development tools at their disposal that quickly evaluate training needs around skills training. They are highly responsive to the commercial needs of industry.

The CAVC and international team are to support the important administration and management requirements that underpin high-quality educational delivery.

Our mission at CAVC is to transform lives by enabling learners to develop skills and reach their potential.

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Partnership work in China is both invigorating and challenging.

The partnership with YiJin is starting to reach a level of maturity and experiencing an improved cultural understanding and inter-connectedness.

CAVC have gradually introduced a more formal framework to discuss pedagogic and curriculum development issues.  Its partner now increasingly recognises that some students recruited in China will be best served following the Diploma pathway.

This is often a challenge with parents who are heavily invested in the concept and educational capital of the UK A Level system.  However, CAVC have enjoyed productive dialogue with colleagues and both parties can see the increasing political prioritisation of the vocational agenda in the reform and revitalisation of skills in both China and the UK.

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