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Skills to keep pace with changing times.

The UK has a long history of technical vocational education and training (TVET) which extends back to the 12th century.

More recently, the UK TVET system has undergone a lengthy and substantive reforms process, so that the UK’s current and future workforce has the training and support, to achieve the high-level skills required, to succeed in today’s global economy.

Unparalleled expertise.

Our aim is to share the UK’s expertise and experience skills methodology, rather than an off-the-shelf TVET system.

This unique approach allows countries to create and build their own bespoke skills system – one that is fit for their country’s industrial needs, human capability and resource strategy, economic development, future growth and prosperity.

The UK delivers world-class technical and vocational education and training to:

  • Enable systemic reform of skills and education systems, including funding mechanisms;
  • Support economic development, growth and sustainability by building an appropriately skilled workforce through enhancing skills and education in key industrial areas;
  • Share world-class best practice in teaching and education policy, design and delivery enabling young people to maximise their potential for growth via a range of high quality education routes;
  • Create mutually beneficial opportunities and partnerships which dynamically build the capability and capacity required for systemic long term change;
  • Create public-private partnerships which support quality improvement, relevance and which bring about a sustainable financing of skills education;
  • Maximise the innovative and effective use of ICT/Education Technology to support the transformation of skills services;
  • Focus on sectoral skills development for employment and new types of skills, including industry 4.0 and other emerging sectors;

Collectively, UKSP is able to offer skills solutions in
a range of sectors.

Aerospace and Defence


Banking, Capital Markets and Financial services

Business and commerce Services

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Charities and the third sector

Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Education and training

Engineering and Construction

Forest, Paper and Packaging

Government and Public Services

Health and social care

Hospitality, tourism and Leisure



Media and Entertainment

Mining and Metals

Oil and Gas

Power and Utilities

Property and Asset Management

Research and Development

Retail and Consumer



Transport and Logistics

High quality and far reaching skills solutions

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