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Export, Higher Education(HE), Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET), English Language Training (ELT), Schools, Education Technology


The DIT Education team supports UK providers to be even more successful in markets where there is growing demand for the UK education offer. We focus our attention on those parts of the world where we see a combination of greatest opportunity for UK education providers and where UK Government support can make a real difference in unlocking opportunities.

The team works across the sector, supporting Universities, TVET organisations, International Schools, the Educational Technology industry, the Early Years and ELT sectors as well as other groups.

Skills Solutions

Our key geographic areas of focus are our ‘High Value Campaigns’ where we have resource both in UK and at our Embassies and High Commissions to develop and identify opportunities and then to inform and support the education sector in its efforts to access those opportunities. We operate in a range of different ways; we will run trade missions, both into UK and out to market, we will seek to present the UK offer at conferences and other gatherings, we will work sometimes with groups of UK providers in a consortium approach where an opportunity is broad and might require more than one UK participant, we shall visit Ministers and senior officials to set out the UK offer and, as appropriate, introduce UK organisations to these senior interlocutors.

But we don’t just operate in the markets set out above; we are constantly scoping new markets to seek to identify where future High Value Campaigns might exist, and we shall always seek to support the sector if there is a real opportunity in ANY country for which UK Government support would add value to the success of a UK provider.

We are structured as three geographic teams with a current focus on China/Hong Kong, the ASEAN region, Latin America and the Middle East / North Africa, with each team supported by a range of Specialists with expertise in specific areas of the sector. We want the education sector to play a role in determining where and how the DIT Education team will operate, so we have instigated a DIT Education Advisory Group, chaired at Ministerial level and comprising the key representative bodies for the sector, with input from other Government colleagues to represent the interests of the education sector in export matters at Ministerial level.

We work across Whitehall, and gain enormous value from our engagement with DIT colleagues around the UK, in UK Export Finance and in our Trade Policy Group, as well as in DFID, DfE, FCO, Home Office and elsewhere. The team is progressively also working to encourage overseas investment in education projects in UK.

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